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The Earth Laughs in Beaded Flowers

All forms of beadwork fascinate me as a selection of minute elements brought together forming a sum that is bigger than the parts.

I have been beading and collecting beads since the 1970s. At the June 2000 weavers conference in Ohio I spent five exciting days of beading workshops. Waking up early every day was energizing rather than oppressive and I wanted every day of my life to feel like that. So I decided I would work towards making beads a part of my daily life.

From that point on I've spent at least some part of each day related to beads, from 15 minutes of perusing beadwork magazines to spending an entire Saturday or an entire weekend on beadwork.

I've always loved creating. As a child it was copper enameling. In college I explored weaving and other fiber techniques such as basketry, spinning, and macrame. When I had my daughter in 1988 it became cumbersome to weave and when I attended a weavers conference in the early 90s I got hooked back into beading. I started with beaded brick stitch earrings and went on to combine beads with weaving a la Helen Banes. From there I began to explore more complex and varied techniques.
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Caren Cohen
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Still working on how to upload photos for this site. I hope people with vintage flowers in their collection will share photos so this beautiful artform won't be lost.